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    dental high-speed handpiece
    quick coupling switch type
    45 degrees high-speed handpiece
    Grinding machine
    High speed handpiece accessories
    ShangHai LanFan Medical Instrument Co.,Ltd
    Address: Chongming miaozhen Avenue third floor of No. 90
    Website: www.sxopetraining.com
    E-mail: xiongfirst@yahoo.com.cn
    Tel: 021-59363398 59363098
    Fax: 021-59362897
    Product Number: TPM
    Views: 2344

    Technical parameters

    Working pressure:241-275Kpa
    Comprehensive treatment machine pressure:295-334Kpa
    The use of needle:1.59-1.6mm*21mm-23mm ( diameter )

    Chuck bur:Push button

    Cooling type:Tripl water spray

    Connection:4 holes

    Bearing:Japan imported bearings

    Material of inner pipe:stainless steel

    Disinfection:available to 135°disinfection

    Product features

    Pressing take needle : a pressing type three valve spring chuck, the locking device can ensure the blessing power car with the needle by load increases, you no matter what oral cutting treatment will needle clip, and lightly press head end cap can be easily changing needle.
    Three points: three point type water spray is from almost and needle angle parallel to the treatment site jet, effective cooling treatment area, at the same time that the treatment of regional organizations not because the grinding heat generated by injury.
    Large torque: provide stable big torque force, improve your work efficiency.
    High precision bearing: mobile phone rotary part adopts NSK imported bearings, it is different from ordinary P4bearing, its unique dustproof sealing performance than other bearing is improved by 35%, effectively decreasing external contaminants on bearing wear, fine materials and manufacturing processes, not only reduces the noise, but also improves the high temperature and high pressure sterilization durability, combined with strict quality control and ultra precision machining technology, realizes low vibration and low noise, effectively improves the stability and comfort of operation, and to ensure a long service life, saving you expensive repair costs and valuable time.

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