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    Company profile

    Shanghai Lanfan Medical Devices Co.,Ltd, is a professional in the production of dental medical equipment & comprehensive therapeutic table of peripheral equipment’s enterprise. The company is located in the beautiful China's third largest island of Chongming 


    ShangHai LanFan Medical Instrument Co.,Ltd
    Address: Chongming miaozhen Avenue third floor of No. 90
    Website: www.sxopetraining.com
    E-mail: xiongfirst@yahoo.com.cn
    Tel: 021-59363398 59363098
    Fax: 021-59362897
    Oral equipment and Materials Exhibition 2012-7-4
    dental high-speed handpiece
    quick coupling switch type
    45 degrees high-speed handpiece
    Grinding machine
    High speed handpiece accessories
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