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    About Us
    ShangHai LanFan Medical Instrument Co.,Ltd
    Address: Chongming miaozhen Avenue third floor of No. 90
    Website: www.sxopetraining.com
    E-mail: xiongfirst@yahoo.com.cn
    Tel: 021-59363398 59363098
    Fax: 021-59362897
    About Us

    Company profile

    Shanghai Lanfan Medical Devices Co.,Ltd, is a professional in the production of dental medical equipment & comprehensive therapeutic table of peripheral equipment’s enterprise. The company is located in the beautiful China's third largest island of Chongming 


    We have a large number of advanced technical equipments. The introduction of more advanced production technology, Mainly the production of Stomatology special dental high-speed handpiece. My company's products are beautiful and unique appearance, stable operation, low noise, long life etc.


    “Quality products exploring markets, excellent services contributing to society” is our operations objective. We firmly believe that quality is the only measurable criteria. Therefore, we stick to strict technical standards, rigorous process discipline and strict quality management system. And we guarantee that every of the Lanfan products can satisfy customer's needs


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